Implement Safe2Say

How to Implement Safe2Say in Your School

  • How can you participate?
    • It is important that every school submit their administrative contact information to Safe2Say South Dakota. This ensures that the correct individuals are notified in the event of a Safe2Say report involving their school.
    • Certain school administrators are also able to update their contact information on their own. Reach out for questions or instructions on how to do so.
  • How should we handle Safe2Say reports?
    • Your district should determine the policy and procedure for handling Safe2Say South Dakota reports in an anonymous manner. It should be clear to your staff who will receive, investigate, and complete the disposition report on all Safe2Say reports. Please note that Safe2Say South Dakota reports will be sent via email and/or text-messaging.
  • How can we raise awareness in our school?
    • There are two key components to increase awareness of Safe2Say South Dakota in your school:
      • 1. Staff Awareness & Education--
        • It is recommended that all staff involved with students at every level be aware and familiar with Safe2Say South Dakota, why it is important for students, and how it works. This allows for staff to be educated on how to be able to communicate the need for students to tell in a way that keeps them safe. Safe2Safe South Dakota stresses the importance of always talking to a trusted adult first, but if a student does not have a trusted adult, or does not feel comfortable talking to a trusted adult, Safe2Say South Dakota is always available.
      • 2. Student Awareness--
        • While Safe2Say South Dakota materials in the form of posters and other items are important reminders of Safe2Say available for students, it takes more than a poster on the wall to teach young people the importance of telling when they have information that could prevent a tragedy from occurring.
        • Allowing students to learn through a brief presentation of the importance of Safe2Say South Dakota, how it works, and benefits of Safe2Say allow to dismiss any common misconceptions.