Student Resources

Reporting Concerns

What Safe2Say South Dakota Can/Cannot Do For You

  • Safe2Say South Dakota is a way for your children and students in your school community to anonymously report threats to their safety or safety of others.
  • Safe2Say South Dakota serves as a conduit between students and local school districts and law enforcement agencies and as a way to raise awareness when school staff and/or administrators may not be aware that a situation has or is occurring for the purpose of prevention, early intervention, education, and awareness.
  • If you choose to make a Safe2Say South Dakota report in order to advocate for your child or their peers safety, this report will be sent to the school administrative team and/or local law enforcement, if needed.
  • Due to the anonymity of Safe2Say South Dakota, the reporting party will not be notified of the outcome. All outcome information is private and autonomous to Safe2Say South Dakota.
  • If you have previously reported the situation to your school staff and are not satisfied with the outcome, Safe2Say South Dakota is not able to enforce a different outcome. Please find the venue within your school district for escalating these concerns.
  • Safe2Say South Dakota is not a resource for keeping a "record" of your school or child's history.

What You can Do to Advocate for Your Child

  • Attempt and continue to promote lines of communication open with your child's teacher, your school's administrative staff, your school's superintendent office, and your child.
  • Always keep the best interests of the child at the forefront of every conversation.
  • Please remember privacy laws protect EVERY student. No one is entitled to know the disciplinary outcome of another student.
  • Ask your school/school district if there is a preferred protocol or resource staff dedicated to parents who need assistance advocating for their child.